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We have locations based out of:

Box Elder County, Utah

Madison County, Idaho

Denton County, Texas

We service several surrounding cities / areas with no additional travel charges.

We are happy to travel outside of these areas for an additional fee.

Please contact us to get a quote today!

Contact us today about putting something special together for your next event!

Super Simple! All We Need Is:


Water Supply

Stress Free, Memorable, and GOOD CLEAN FUN!

  • What is a Foam Dance Party?
    Great question! It is literally a fun filled, high energy, dance party in foam bubbles! We bring a high powered bubble cannon that can shoot bubbles 50 feet into the air! We use this cannon to stack foam up to 5 feet deep! While the kids (and you!) are playing in the foam, we blast out a kid friendly mix of modern songs that the kids will most certainly want to dance to. If that isn't enough, we will also bring beach balls, hula hoops, and more to throw in and add even more to the party!
  • So then, what is a Bubble Party?
    Have you ever seen those REALLY big bubbles? Like bigger than yourself? We bring GIANT bubble stations so you can experience these larger than life bubbles for yourself! With our bubble parties, we also setup our commercial bubble machine - capable of putting out more than 2,000 bubbles a minute! Bubble parties can be scheudled by themselves - but they are even MORE fun combined with a FOAM Dance Party!
  • What other options do you have with your foam?
    Great question! Our 'standard' Dance Party includes foam, music, and toys to play with (beach balls, squirt guns, etc.) Want something different? We are now offering nighttime GLOW parties! With strong LED lights, we can light up the foam in 16 different colors - and looks amazing! Step it up with UV Foam! With our special additive, the foam will GLOW under the specialied ultraviolet lights. This is a great option for adult parties! Colored foam? Oh yes! With our special additive, we can turn the foam Pink, Blue, or Green! This color additive will NOT stain clothes or your yard! Have a gender reveal party coming up? How about a FOAM reveal? It will certainly be memorable to mark your special occasion! We promise to make your event special for you! Give us a call, text, or email now - and we can let you know how we can make this happen!
  • Do you offer anything besides bubbles and foam?
    We do! You can see all of our offerings on our Bookings page. Offerings differ by State
  • What type of space do I need?
    We can party in as large or small of an area as you would like! We have done parties in spaces as small as 10' x 10' and as large as a farmer's field! Foam Parties work great on grass, turf, concrete, asphalt, or even on a hard indoor surface such as a basketball court! Dry grass, dirt areas, and loose debris will cause for a messy, muddy party! The cleaner the area, the cleaner the fun!
  • What do you need from me?
    It couldn't be any more simple! Beside a space, all we need is a connection to an outside water faucet and electrical outlet. We bring all hoses, extension cords, and other materials needed to throw the party - including the sound system for music! You just sit back, enjoy the party and listen to the fun memories being made!
  • Won't the foam sting in my eyes?
    No! The soap foam gel that we use is as mild as baby shampoo! It doesn't irriate the skin or the eyes, and there is such a small amount of it used over a large area that it will not effect grass, plants, or other items either!
  • Is the foam safe?
    Absolutely! We use a special foam gel that is biodegradable, non-staining, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! It is safe for you and your kids, your pets, and even the environment! It also cleans up SUPER easy! You can simply wait for the bubbles to disaapear, or we can hose them down to make them instantly vanish!
  • What should my guests wear?
    It is recommended that your guests have their bathing suits or other clothing they don't mind getting wet While the soap will not bother their eyes, some kids LOVE having googles or other eye covering on so they can play UNDER the foam! Also, they will want to have some sort of shoes or covering on their feet. Depending on how much you play in the foam, you may get damp or soaked! Don't forget your towel (and perhaps a change of clothing)!
  • What if we just want to rent your equipment?
    We offer a full service, easy solution for our clients. We want to bring the party to you! But - We DO have rental machines that you can do yourself! Give us a call, send us a message, or a text - and we will work out pricing for you!
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